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Table decorations


Here’s how we made them

  • First we were all given an Oasis block

  • Then we all got a straws and we had to cut them into 4 pieces

  • After that we were all given 4 sweets (ours were from a big Roses tin)

  • Next we twisted the sweet wrappers and sellotaped it onto the straws before we stuck the straws into the Oasis block

  • After that we were given 8 pieces of gold coloured tissue paper and we put 2 of them around each sweet

  • Then we were each given a large piece of Christmas paper and a coloured ribbon and we tied it around the outside

  • Finally we stuck on a star and added a strip of red tinsel

My Gran

My   gran is   in Hospital  so   my   grampa   is going   to    come   to   my house instead  of  my gran.Il see  you soon  world   😉